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HYLMAN Group, or hylman, is a SAS (Societe par actions Simplifiée) company based in Paris, France that operates in consulting services, R&D and hi-tech since August 2019. This Group is run by 2 brothers “Les Deux Frères” Hassan Al-Shama, Cofounder and CEO, and Yaman Al-Shama, Cofounder and General Director.
The goal of HYLMAN is to deliver cutting edge solutions and advanced technologies with the use of an everexpanding, vast and diverse network of talents, improved models and methodologies, systematic and experiential intelligence, and learning capabilities that can help professionals in the B2B sectors and consumers in the C2C sectors, while simplifying the processes of traditional operations served to the international audience.

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At Hylman Consulting,

We can do everything

But one guy would not do it all.

How we cut the edge and turn this true fantasy into reality:

  • One Global Leadership that controls our strategic mission to always be different and achieve unprecedented value.
  • High calibre specialized Enablers around the world that will accompany you and take your vision to the next level.
  • Substantial pool of talents that retains specialists and experts across all the lines of service, deployable to meet your needs anywhere, anytime.
  • Fully fledged intelligence and intellectual prowess backing our every move

Don't waste your time investigating or asking us what we are specialized in. Ask us the right question: What can Hylman do for you?

Who We Are?

We help companies change to the better.

We are committed to sustainable and inclusive growth of your business.

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  • Take out unnecessary boundaries, hindering processes, obsolete techniques, and expensive applications.
  • Renovate traditional working models.
  • Simplify the way to do things
  • Open the opportunity to all kinds of talents and skills.
  • Adapt instantly to any rapid change or development.
  • Use intelligence to the advantage of human prosperity.
  • Create open opportunity to all regardless of background.
  • Contribute to the economic improvement of every geography, natural person, and legal entity.
  • Connect people efficiently anywhere, anytime,and on the go.
  • Allow people and professionals to be independent from the obstacles of yesterday.
  • Empower diversity and inclusion.
  • Retain, utilize, and invest in the 8 billion+ pool of minds of today and tomorrow.

Purpose & Principles

To remodel industries’ way of doing things with augmented efficiency through cutting edge intelligence, bespoke solutions, and advanced innovations.

Purpose and principles
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Globalization
  • Inclusion
  • Adaptation
  • Network
  • Intelligence
  • Quality
  • Family
  • Value
  • Integrity
  • Leadership

Hylman HQ, Applying Tomorrow Today

Centralizing global offices into one fully fledged headquarters reachable from your spot.

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Hylman aspires to change the way that we do things in this very niche-specific industry by tackling all its limitations and putting forth a strong value-impact process that assures delivery through quality and cost-consciousness at a truly differentiated state customized for every client at the same time take hefty consideration regarding the surrounding environment and what impacts this may hold on people.

“What we do in this critical line of business has tremendous impacts not only on our clients or for-profit organizations, but may also, directly or indirectly, have impact on the livelihoods of societies and communities around us that may one day, one year, or one decade later come back to us, or our grandchildren, and say – You did this for us”.
- Hassan Al-Shama


    Cofounder & CEO.

Our vision

Changing the way we do things, improve livelihoods, achieve unprecedented value and transform the world one step at a time through cutting edge innovation and systematic change of processes that resolve the limitations faced nowadays, advance the wellbeing of people and the environment, and optimize the benefit for “the big, and little, guy”.

Our approch & how we help clients

We follow a holistic, tailored, and thorough approach when it comes to our clients, from strategy and planning all the way to execution and beyond. This applies to our clients of all sizes, sectors, markets, and service lines.

We believe in maximizing the client’s benefits in the short term, at the same time ensure growth and sustainability in the long term. This is done by identifying all sources of value for the client not only on a local scale, but also on a global scale, as well as partnering with them so we can be always there to ensure their ongoing, maximized and increasing value.

We exercise optimized agility and efficiency to all our deployments, especially in this time where change is inevitable, and the environment can turn from safe to risky in a blink of an eye. The only way to achieve that is by ensuring around the clock support and ability to accommodate altering needs of the clients before, during and after an engagement.



Growth leadership

Hylman’s team of growth oriented leaders experienced in a wide array of industries and the development of objectives put major attention towards sustainable and rise averse improvement aligned with the environment’s shifting needs.

Risk leadership

Hylman magnifies the importance of managing risk and avoiding ‘toxicities’ by leveraging the value of strategic control and contingency planning internally and across the relevant value chain associated with process improvement.

Board Excellence

The board puts ‘excellence’ as the overarching pillar in attaining objectives per market, region and internationally. It sets the global strategic directives and policies across all markets leveraging their experience and continuous learning adapted to the environment, network and positioning.

Agility Leadership

Speed has been a longlasting issue in the industry for far too long, and Hylman is proud to take it down from its feet. Through a very strong and globally centralized structure, as well as its global partners and large pool of talented experts worldwide, Hylman optimizes mobilization on a global scale and never ceases to meet the needs of clients, urgent or not.

Market Leadership

Hylman positions highest calibre leaders within every market to oversee the demand on ground and be there to meet any client need locally or internationally, leveraging the power of Hylman to work on an international and inter-market scale amongst its teams and offices.

Service Leadership

With the rising needs for comprehensive and complementary practices from a specialized expert on an international scope, with its wide array of practices, Hylman retains leaders that are specialized in every service line to lead them on a global scale, supporting one another through unity and team work to achieve optimal results for the clients.

From Fast Food to Future-Forward: Hylman's Strategic Pathways for Transforming the QSR Industry Beyond Quick Service into a Technologically Empowered, Consumer centric, and Sustainable Business
Redefining Protein in a Time of Transformation: Hylman's Vision for a Sustainable, Tech-Driven Meat Industry in an Era of Environmental Consciousness and Consumer Shifts
From Risk to Reward, Leading with Certainty: Hylman’s Futuristic Approach to Integrating Advanced Analytics in Risk Management and Foster Long-Term Business Resilience and Growth
Our services are


Tailored, bespoke, and unique

We never recycle, imitate, or uniformly apply solutions like what other firms do as we know and live by:

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Introducing HYLMAN

Milestones and achievements
HYLMAN is rapidly growing in the professional services and consultancy industry on a global scale, enabling change and growth for all clients.
  • HYLMAN is an official management consultancy supplier to the UK government in a £4 billion framework.

  • HYLMAN is an official Digital Outcomes 6 supplier to the UK Government and public bodies.

  • HYLMAN is an official digital and research supplier to the UK government in a £1 billion framework.

  • HYLMAN is the one and only supplier to a number of HNWIs.

  • HYLMAN is an official policy, economics and business consultancy supplier to the Irish Government in a €300 million framework.

  • HYLMAN is an official executive recruitment supplier across all 14 placements to UK's Easter Shires' £200 million framework.

  • HYLMAN is an official Adult Skills Training supplier to UK's West Midlands in a £41 million p.a. framework.

  • HYLMAN is an official value purchase supplier to the largest value-based framework in the UK across multiple service lines and industries.

  • HYLMAN is an official and primary supplier to the UK's largest Commercial Procurement and Project Delivery framework.

  • HYLMAN is an official business growth advisor across 12 placements to Ireland's largest SMEs and entrepreneurship growth and internationalization framework.

  • HYLMAN is an official top ranked education, health and social care consultancy supplier to Scotland's All Consultancy Requirements framework.

  • HYLMAN is an official Learning and Development Supplier to the Manchester City Council across all 5 placements.

  • HYLMAN is an official business consultancy supplier to the education sector and Newcastle University across all 4 placements of business, finance, internationalization and business advisory for students and graduates.

  • HYLMAN is an official industry specialization trainer to professionals and enterprises across 7 main sectors in UK's Liverpool.

  • HYLMAN is an official training and upskilling supplier across the 2 placements of General and Business provisions to UK's West Midlands.

  • HYLMAN is an official high level business trainer to executives and decision makers in UK's Coventry.

  • HYLMAN is an official executive headhunting supplier to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority in a £500,000 p.a. framework.

  • HYLMAN is an official learning and development training supplier across 12 sectors to Telford and Wrekin councils.

  • HYLMAN is officially certified with Cyber Essentials, QMS BS EN ISO 9001:2015, BCMS BS EN ISO 22301:2019. EMS ISO 14001:2015. ITMS ISO/IEC 20000:2018, and ISMS ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

  • Through Consulting Centrale, HYLMAN retains a network of 100,000+ specialized talents and consultants worldwide with the ability to deliver any kind of project from any kind of industry or sector at any complexity for any kind of client worldwide.

The Hylman Consultancy

Competitive Assets

What our clients get from working with us

  • Research lab, intelligence and advanced technologies helping us understand, renovate, improve and change the way of services and experience of the customer.

  • New way of thinking and approach to resolving the traditions and limits of the sector with every step we take continuously.

  • Substantial pool of diverse talents worldwide covering all industries in management consulting.

  • Projects engaged do not face resource shortages with backup support available around the clock.

  • Plethora of specialized subject matter experts with deep knowledge of specific fields that are called in when needed.

  • Leadership of multiple offerings that are led by expert managing partners across several major markets worldwide.

  • A unified and high caliber team approach to every engagement for value added enhancement of our services.

  • Highly results oriented and partnering with clients for the long run, putting value towards their end goal and betterment all the way from the initial phases to implementation and beyond.

  • Specializing customer relationship by high level professionals and around the clock support to ensure even the bits and pieces are not missed.

  • Very strong internationalization competency expanding clients' horizons.

  • Globalized and provide the quality differentiation and support from an international perspective applicable to the needs locally.

  • Capability to support all client sizes and adapting according to their requirements, from startups to large companies, with optimal efficiency.

  • Localized and tailored support to the clients with experiential learning by an international team led by ground troops.

  • Very strong staffing ability, internally and within client's teams.

  • Highly agile and adaptable to any need with quality management systems.

  • Dedicated HR team for around the clock identifying, vetting and selecting experts into the pool of talents for ready deployment.

  • International experts and teams are mobilized very quickly, meeting any urgent requirements or start of project.

  • Satisfaction assurance, always maintained at 90%+, prioritizing the satisfaction of customers above all.

  • High level of international diversity and collection of expertise from various backgrounds and competencies.

  • Added-value assurance, ensuring that the goal and value is delivered without added costs Cost effective and more 'price friendly' than similar high level firms, with similar or better quality of services delivered by Hylman.

A Fully Fledged,
One-Stop Shop

Hylman powers an influential, significant, top calibre, and efficient network of:

Putting them altogether
for all clients' needs.

  • Leaders

  • Investors

  • Clients

  • Talents

Key info about us Key info about globe


direct network of talented experts “special agents” readily available


more diverse expertise than similar high standard firms


additional discount rates for first time buyers in the public sector


more use of new accustomed data intelligence for precise support


pool of talents worldwide across any given speciality


more cost effective day rates than similar high standard firms


satisfaction “happiness gauge” by clients and companies that ran through us


of our experts are with 10+ years of experience


specialized experts available per major city worldwide


less margin/markup than similar high standard firms


higher impact from result-based implementation and support


emphasis on results, excellence and long term customer wellbeing

Offerings and lines of
Consulting services

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Insights & Case studies
Managing wealth and investing in Gold – Analysing, forecasting and diversifying investments
For a food processing company – Recruitment of a full technical team, from the technical director to...
Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Leveraging Analytics and Digital Technologies to Improve Patie...
Infrastructure Management Company: Optimizing Asset Performance and Special Focus Area Management
Accelerating sustainable
and inclusive growth

We value high quality performance and aim for excellence in all our transactions.

Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

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Who we are?

A highly efficient, international,
top caliber, and award-winning team.

Spreading from the West to the East, delivering under all circumstances, and meeting rapid needs with tailored solutions at undisputed agility, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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Unlock your potential in every direction

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Hylman Consulting

A career that fits your calling. Put your talents to use where the opportunities are limitless and every day makes a difference.

Whether you’re living the East or the West of the globe, our doors are always open and working with Hylman today will be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.

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Join our training sessions.

Learners around the world are launching new careers, advancing in their fields, and enriching their lives with us.

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We are committed to sustainable and inclusive growth

Working hand in hand with the best in the business to ensure sustainable and socially responsible growth.

    Innovating to net zero
    Investing in future leaders
    Developing a thriving workforce
    Making a case for a new kind of growth

Management Consultancy

Framework 3 - RM6187

Request for quotation or proposal from UK's £4 billion framework of top achieving consultancies.

HYLMAN signifies the most advanced solution and competitive offer.

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Change for the better

HYLMAN puts forth techniques, processes, and methodologies to ensure the clients are receiving the right level of support beyond the flaws of man, technology or the environment.

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Newcastle University

General Business Consultancy Services Framework

Supplying consultancy expertise with an international footprint to Newcastle University across all lots of Business, Finance, Internationalization, and Business Support services by identification of options with recommendations as well as implementation delivery.

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Business Growth Advisory

And Export Journeys

Supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs in Ireland for rapid and well sustainable growth. HYLMAN signifies the use of innovation and sustainable business strategies for all SMEs.

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Commercial Procurement and

Project Delivery Framework

Get direct support from UK's largest commercial procurement and project delivery framework. HYLMAN signifies the most efficient procurement and effective project delivery.

Skills for Growth International

by HYLMAN - Consulting Centrale

Official suppliers for training and upskilling in the UK and worldwide HYLMAN is officially certified with the world's best industry standards

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Liverpool's Skills Bootcamps

for Specialized Training Framework across 7 sectors.

HYLMAN delivers high level specialized training across all 7 sectors within the Skills Bootcamps under the Skills and Apprenticeship Hub to upskill/reskill independent and self employed individuals with full DfE funding, as well as employers with part Dfe funding, in the region and nationally.

Strategic HR Services Framework

Get direct support in one of the UK's largest Strategic HR Services frameworks across multiple industries and offerings.
HYLMAN signifies the most efficient strategic and HR services provisions for an effective delivery.

People use Hylman to
build what others can’t.

  • It was a pleasure to work with their team.

    The planning and scoping of the work was excellent, they listened to our needs and produced a programme to deliver the project within the relatively tight time parameters we set. At all times during the programme of work, their team was professional to deal with and could be relied on to progress without prompting. Communication was excellent, with regular clear and concise updates as agreed in their communication plan at the outset of the project. Key milestones at each stage of the project were met. The reporting phase was very effective, from initial draft to final report the team ensured key stakeholders were engaged and provided ample opportunity to ensure the final product was well received.

    In summary, Hylman delivered an excellent and timely piece of work that met all our needs.

    Andrew Bidwell
    Senior Risk Manager, Natural Environment Research Council
Forecasting Tomorrow: Hylman's Role as a Catalyst in Empowering Reinsurance Leaders to Navigate Through Technological and Environmental Shifts
Propelling Forward from Shipyard to Open Seas: Hylman's Guide to Lead Shipbuilding Companies Through the Waters of Technological Innovation and Environmental Compliance
Hylman's Vision for the Future: Pioneering Transformative Strategies for a Modern, Digitally Inclusive and Globally Accessible Education
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