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Coventry and Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth is part funded by the European Social Fund and receives further funding support from Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council.

Officially backed by

Coventry and Warwickshire Councils

Audience of training

Companies in West Midlands and Warwickshire, UK Any company or professional worldwide

Eligibility and approval process flowchart

for Coventry and Warwickshire's Skills 4 Growth

Venue of training




Types of training

Generalist Provisions:

  Award in Education and training level 3

  Leadership and Management, including supervisory skills levels 2, 3 and 5

  Soft skills for business - customer service, handling complaints, finance for
           non-finance managers

  ICT End User Skills levels 2 and 3

  Health and Social Care Skills Units & full qualifications levels 1, 2 and 3

  Mental Health Awareness level 2

  Communication techniques

  Public speaking

  Controlling-asserting leadership and management

  Telephone relationship: physical and telephone reception


  Stress, tension and conflict management level 1

  Stress, tension and conflict management level 2

  Cultivate and enhance your personal image

  Manage incivility and aggressiveness on the phone

  Develop your interpersonal skills

  Self confidence

  Individual coaching

High level business skills:

  Business strategy

  Business development and sales

  Business planning

  Improve professional writing

  Prepare and conduct a meeting

  Manager through emotional intelligence

  Time management and priorities

  Analyze, understand and improve your management style

  Team leadership and cohesion

  Efficient negotiation

  Team management

  Behavioral management

  Market intelligence and analysis

  Transversal management

Delivered by

World-class, international, diverse, renowned, experienced, and accredited specialists.

Cost of training

Price upon request. Our pricing is highly flexible and accommodated to every company's needs, eligibility, size, number of attendees, venue and type of training.

We guarantee value for money and optimal ROI.

Dates of training

Upon client's selection. Our deployment is highly flexible and we ask all clients to fill up the form below to inquire and schedule a training session.


Bespoke SME Business Development Training

The Coventry & Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth programme can provide eligible SMEs with a 50% European Social Fund (ESF) grant towards tailored business strategy training which focuses on the day-to-day performance and organisational challenges that are unique to your business. The individualised training programme, supplied by Hylman, an approved supplier to the programme, provides higher level skills development that is relevant and fine tuned to reflect your operating environment and industry sector.

The training is adapted and scoped to suit the needs of your business and can support a range of business topics including, but not limited to, business strategy, commercial strategy, and financial modelling. The exact content of the programme will be mutually identified and agreed through an initial diagnostic session with the business.

Training Structure

Training support by one of HYLMAN's experts will commence with an initial 2-hour diagnostic session, followed by a series of interactive sessions. Businesses can access either 6 hours or 8 hours of training depending on the skills gap and unique training requirement of the business.

Contact us for more details.

Coventry & Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth

Information and Agreement for Employers


Applying for ESF funding support from Coventry & Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth:

Employers are required to complete a Business Registration and De Minimis Declaration so that the Project can confirm the business is eligible for ESF Funding support. This should be signed by a person who is authorised to sign on behalf of the company. The project management team will review your submitted Business Registration Form and will then return a copy to you which will state whether the company is eligible for ESF funding support through Coventry and Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth.

Responsibilities of employers engaged with Coventry & Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth for funding support: Discussion

Discussion with a member of the Coventry & Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth team to outline the training requirements of the business linked to skills gaps in the business. This will be summarised by the project team on a summary of training needs and emailed to you for your agreement.

SME Business Application for ESF Funding support for training costs

The company is required to complete and submit a Business Application for Funding Support which will summarise the details of the required training. The programme will provide to approved businesses a list of suppliers that they can select from to deliver their training needs.

Where the training is niche/specialist and not available from the project’s list of approved suppliers, the business will be required to provide information on the specialist provider they wish to engage to deliver the training requirements. This will be achieved by the provision of three quotes from suitable suppliers and will explain how and why the chosen supplier was selected. The project management team will review your submitted Application and will then return a copy to you which will state whether the training costs are eligible for ESF funding support through Coventry and Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth.

Eligible employees receiving training/skills support

Employees being supported by the project will be required to complete a Participant Eligibility Checklist form to confirm they are eligible for project funding support. One piece of eligibility evidence from the accepted list included in the Participant Eligibility Checklist will need to be provided for each employee receiving project funding support

Employees being supported by ESF funding will be required to complete an Individual Learning Agreement which will also be signed by the employer to confirm their support for the identified training as part of a triangulated agreement between the project, the employer and the employee.

Payment of Training Provider Invoice

Businesses are required to pay invoices in full that are raised by suppliers or approved specialist training providers for approved training costs. Businesses will then claim 50% of the net costs from the project. VAT is ineligible for ESF funding support and cannot be claimed from the project.

You will be supported to make this claim by the Project’s Officers. You will be required to complete a simple claim form and provide evidence of your payment of the provider’s invoice and copy of the qualification certification where applicable

Record of attendance on training

Your employees will be required to sign an attendance record at the time of their training; the Project Management Team will organise this directly with the training provider

Review of training

On completion of the training requirements outlined in your company’s summary of training needs that is mutually agreed between your business and the project team upon approval of your Business Registration Form, you will be contacted to review the benefit and impact of the training interventions to your business and for the participant and to inform future skills gaps and needs in the Coventry & Warwickshire LEP area.

Opportunities for Case Studies and publicity

Following completion of funded learning, you may be approached by the project management team to obtain your permission for you and your employees to be featured in a Case Study to further promote your business and the ESF funding support that is available to eligible SMEs in Coventry and Warwickshire. You have the right to grant or withhold your permissions to be included in a published Case Study and your decision in this respect will not influence or impact your applications or claims for funding.

De Minimis Records

You will receive a formal offer letter of grant funding for agreed training needs. Following reimbursement of the training costs you will also receive from the project a letter confirming the value of the de minimis aid you have received from the Coventry & Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth project. You will need to declare this amount to any other funding bodies who request information regarding State Aid in the three fiscal years following the date of this letter and to produce it on request by the UK public authorities or the European Commission in line with the requirements of De Minimis (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013).

You must retain these two letters for at least 10 years from the date of the letters and produce it on request by the UK public authorities or the European Commission

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