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For a private healthcare client – Full fledged operational and managerial re-integration by end-to-e...
For a private healthcare client – Full fledged operational and managerial re-integration by end-to-end process transformation, planning, tech implementation, corporate development and strategy
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For a private equity fund – Identification of the opportunities to internationalise a potential acqu...
For a private equity fund – Identification of the opportunities to internationalise a potential acquisition target in luxury retail in the context of a commercial due diligence
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For a new venture of a local confectionary chain - Business cases and planning for the proper runnin...
For a new venture of a local confectionary chain - Business cases and planning for the proper running of the new store
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Intelligence, Center of Excellence
Enabling the Pinnacle Art of Change and Domination: Hylman's Ingenious Advantage of Integrating Sustainability, Technology, and Human Potential in Pursuit of Peak Business Transformation and Operational Excellence
Driven by Seamless Ingenuity and Redefined Paradigms: Hylman's Proactive Plan in Repackaging E-Commerce to Enhance Consumer Trust, Empower Sustainable Operations, and Lead the Flow
Innovation, Sustainability, and Success in Building the Cities of Tomorrow: Hylman's Masterclass in Next-Gen Urban Transformation
Leading the Next Harvest in the Green Revolution for the Good of the World: How Hylman Pioneers the Fusion of Sustainability, Innovation, and Commercial Integration in Global Agribusiness
Crucial Yesterday, Critical Today, Vital Tomorrow: Hylman's Forward-Thinking Strategies to Process Improvement Excellence Steering the Global Supply Chain Towards Unprecedented Efficiency, Transparency, and Sustainability
Redefining Borders: Hylman's Master Blueprint on Enabling Global Mobility Revolution for Seamless Human Capital Movement with Cutting-Edge Technology, Sustainability Practices, and Strategic Excellence
The Future Docked Here: Hylman's Strategic Interventions in Transforming Ports and Harbors for a Digitally Enabled, Eco-Friendly Tomorrow
Elevating Brand Narratives in Pivotal Times: Hylman's Blueprint for Success in the Evolving World of AI, VR, and Personalized Marketing
Beyond Boundaries, Enabling Centralized Excellence: Hylman's Secret Ingredient to Lead Global Business Services and Capability Centres into a Future of Distinction and Success
From Silicon to Solutions, a Quantum Leap: Hylman's Guide to Achieving Global Leadership and Resilience in the High-Stakes Technology Race for Semiconductor Sovereignty
Enabling Digital Immunity: Hylman's Out-of the Box Resilience Guide to Absolute Cyber Defense to Future-Proof Organizations in an Increasingly Digitized World
Leading the Web3 Revolution: Hylman's Strategic Playbook for Thriving in the New Era of Decentralization, Digital Transformation, and Blockchain
Telecom Towers to Transformed Cell Skyscrapers: Hylman's Comprehensive Guide to Leading the Cellphone Tower Industry into a New Era of Connectivity
Pioneering the Next Frontier of Digital Transformation in 2024: Hylman's In-Depth Guide to Thriving in the Next Wave of Data Migration Challenges in an Ever-Expanding Binary Universe
Hylman's 2024 Economic Playbook: Decoding the Future of Global Trade, Digital Transformation, and Corporate Sustainability
Enabling the Upward Evolution of Housing Data: Hylman's Guide to Transform Data Centers by Unveiling the Future-Proof Strategies of Seamless AI Integration, Green Energy, and Cybersecurity Excellence
Enabling the Big Take-Off: Hylman's Pioneering Path by Forging Ahead in Aerospace with Cutting-Edge Innovation and Green Technology
Enabling a Greener Tomorrow: Hylman's Masterclass in Redefining Renewable Resources by Pioneering the Rise of Green Hydrogen in a Sustainable and Technologically Advanced Future
A Powerful Odyssey towards the Future: Hylman's Vanguard Approach in Sculpting Tomorrow's Business Landscape with Pioneering Automation Strategies
Hylman's North Star to Enable Media Revolution: Leading with Innovation, Adaptability, and Strategic Foresight in a Dynamic Digital World
From Digital Arenas to Eco-Friendly Practices, A New League of Excellence: Mastering the Art of Futuristic and Sustainable Sports with Hylman's 2024 Playbook
Hylman's Futuristic Odyssey of Space and Reality: Crafting the Next Era of Business Transformation by Harnessing the Optimal Power of Spatial Computing
Pivotal Course for the Bourse: Hylman's Futuristic Blueprint on the Intersection of Technology and Finance in the Stock Exchange
Hylman's Masterclass in Food Service Excellence: Steering the Industry Towards a Sustainable, Technologically Driven Future

Industries and lines of
Consulting services

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- Internationalisation
- Vertical and horizontal integration
- Go To Market
- Business modelling
- General business strategy
- Business planning
- Government relations


- Transformation of the finance function
- Capital markets and financial institutions
- Billing, collection and cash management
- Financial modelling
- Wealth and financial management
- Budgeting, profitability and cost management
- Restructuring

External growth and financing

- M&A
- Due diligence
- Post-Merger Integration
- Fundraising management
- Joint venture structuring and implementing


- RFP, RFQ, RFI management
- Procurement transformation
- Procurement subcontracting
- Government concessions and PPP

Support to SMEs

- Strategic support to SMEs
- Financial and corporate consultancy for SMEs
- Start-up development
- Business incubation, acceleration, and advisory for Startup/SME financing

IT and technology

- IT, digitization and transformation
- Big data and analytics
- ERP and automation

Sales and marketing

- Business development
- KPI management
- Services marketing
- Partner and executive relations management
- Sales and implementation
- Account management
- New product development
- Strategic PR management
- Market research and analysis


- Business Law
- Tax advisory, accounting and auditing


- Sustainability and social responsibility


- Industrial operations set-up
- Organizational and process improvement
- Quality assurance
- Compliance
- Certification preparation
- Operations management
- Feasibility studies
- Operational improvement
- Continuous improvement and lean
- Outsourcing
- Risk management

HR and people development

- HR and policy development
- Professional training

Project management

- Project management

Industry Focus

- Food and agriculture
- Private Equity, Venture Capital, family offices
- Banking and Financial services
- Chemicals
- Economics
- Automotive and Autos accessories
- Healthcare, medicine and drugs
- Industrials
- Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
- Clothing and fashion
- Oil, gas and mining
- Energy
- Ports
- Luxury
- Environment
- Sweets and confectionary
- Public sector
- Education
- Defense and aerospace
- FMCG/Retail
- Technology and digital
- Transportation
- AI and Intelligence
- Real estate
- Gold

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Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

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Hassan Al-Shama

CEO | Strategy, Real Estate, Commerce

Exposed to a wide array of sectors, Hassan consolidates his global experiences and packages that through innovation brought to the table believing in the vision of changing the way we do things. He believes that full potential is still locked away and clients are not getting the optimal value needed. With transformati...

Yaman Al-Shama

President | Trading, Gold, Autos

Yaman believes in reshaping larger organizations for which he is known to associate with. He has a trustworthy reputation for finding solutions when no one can and be at the frontline before the issue is even thought of. He believes in strengthening the core of services through teamwork and unity while connecting the...

Dick van Schooneveld

COO | Telco, Utilities, High tech

Dick is a high-energy, enthusiastic, decisive, proactive, result oriented, structured senior professional with 30 years’ experience in the consulting and technology/telco sector. Entre/intrapreneurial professional having fulfilled many international leadership positions in the high tech, telecoms and utilities industr...

Gideon Goldmann

CBDO | Investment Banking, Cybersecurity, IA and IT Audit

Gideon is an American of Ghanaian descent and has practiced globally in value creation and the provision of technical interventions for over 20 years in Management Consulting, Investment Banking...

Dato' Seri Dr. Nazily Noor

Managing Partner, Indo-Malaysia | Aviation, Healthcare, Renewable Tech

Dr. Nazily is a leader in transformative initiatives, deploying innovative business solutions for holistic and sustainable change. With over 30 years of working experience, his guidance through industry disruptions involves reinv...

Jose Braga

Managing Partner, Brazil | M&A, Capital Rasing, Financial Restructuring

José Braga is a senior entrepreneur, very focused, pragmatic, and results oriented, with more than 25 years of experience in corporate restructurings, valuations, structured finance operations,...

Dr. Jean-Luc Bernard

Senior Partner, North Africa | Energy Environment & Climate Change, International Development, Multilateral Organizations

Jean-Luc is a seasoned expert specializing in project management, business administration, and leadership with...

Howard Ramsden

Managing Partner, South Africa | Renewable Energy, Data infrastructure, Project Management

Howard has more than thirty (30) years professional experience, mostly in electricity and energy sector development in Southern Africa. With extensive knowledge and experience in the African power sector, Howard has been responsible for renewable energy advisory services business development and project management in...

Seong-Hwan Choi

Managing Partner, Korea | Logistics, IT Optimization, WMS/TMS

Argent Chuula

Managing Partner, Zambia | Agriculture, NGO, Research

Dr. Richard Li

Senior Partner, China | Operational Transformation, New Product Development, Digital and Payment Strategies

Dr. Richard Li is a seasoned professional with a robust 18-year background in strategic consulting across Grea...

Diarmuid Barry

Managing Partner, Ireland | Outsourcing, Business Development, SaaS

Diarmuid is an energetic, proactive, solutions focused professional, with years of direct experience leading and developing businesses in Software, Services, and Outsourcing. Signif...

Lattee Williams

Senior Partner, Nigeria | Oil & Gas, Facilities, Power

Zafrulla Rasheed

Senior Partner, India | GBS, Business Transformation, Mobility

Zafrulla is a seasoned business leader with progressive & global mindset. He has over 20 years of experience with exposure into the international market in the professional services sector and h...

Dr. Louis Poon

Senior Partner, Hong Kong | ESG & Impact Investing, FinTech, Marketing

Stephane Jeanneteau

Managing Partner, France | Industry, Steel, Energy

Steve Yi

Senior Partner, Korea | Marketing, CRM, Customer Service

Umang Sahai

Senior Partner, India | Healthcare, Public sector, Government relations

Alibaba Babayev

Managing Partner, Azerbaijan | International Relations, Government Affairs, Legal

Vinod Sasidharan

Partner, India | Automation, Digital Transformation, Tech Implementation

Ohio Ifiabor

Partner, Nigeria | Financial Services, Strategic Business Management, Board Capacity Development

Ohio has 35+ years of experience leading large organizations to great value and complex projects to outstanding completion. An Enabler himself embodying the Hylman prowess, Ohio possesses multif...

Mazhar Sheikh

Senior Partner, India | AI, Digital Technology, Web3.0

Yoshinori Aoyama

Partner, Japan | VC, Automotive, Pharma

Yoshinori has extensive experience in consulting global firms and wide variety of VC companies as a consultant as well as a venture capitalist in Japan. He has worked with not only...

Hector Macias

Partner, Mexico


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Expert Team

Dr. Richard Li

Senior Partner, China | Operational Transformation, New Product Development, Digital and Payment Strategies

Argent Chuula

Managing Partner, Zambia | Agriculture, NGO, Research

Umang Sahai

Senior Partner, India | Healthcare, Public sector, Government relations

How can we help you?

Get in touch with us via Contact us form