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For a new venture of a local confectionary chain - Business cases and planning for the proper runnin...
For a new venture of a local confectionary chain - Business cases and planning for the proper running of the new store
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Digital Transformation in Financial Services: Improving Customer Experience and Operational Efficien...
Digital Transformation in Financial Services: Improving Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency through Advanced Analytics and Technology Integration
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Revolutionizing Asset Management Systems for Improved Manufacturing Performance
Revolutionizing Asset Management Systems for Improved Manufacturing Performance
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Intelligence, Center of Excellence
From Fast Food to Future-Forward: Hylman's Strategic Pathways for Transforming the QSR Industry Beyond Quick Service into a Technologically Empowered, Consumer centric, and Sustainable Business
Redefining Protein in a Time of Transformation: Hylman's Vision for a Sustainable, Tech-Driven Meat Industry in an Era of Environmental Consciousness and Consumer Shifts
From Risk to Reward, Leading with Certainty: Hylman’s Futuristic Approach to Integrating Advanced Analytics in Risk Management and Foster Long-Term Business Resilience and Growth
Forecasting Tomorrow: Hylman's Role as a Catalyst in Empowering Reinsurance Leaders to Navigate Through Technological and Environmental Shifts
Propelling Forward from Shipyard to Open Seas: Hylman's Guide to Lead Shipbuilding Companies Through the Waters of Technological Innovation and Environmental Compliance
Hylman's Vision for the Future: Pioneering Transformative Strategies for a Modern, Digitally Inclusive and Globally Accessible Education
Innovation at the Core, Setting New Excellence Standards: Hylman's Measures in Redefining Quality Assurance with Advanced Technologies and Strategic Insights
Laying the Foundation and Building the Future: Hylman’s Strategic Blueprint for the Construction of Tomorrow through Advanced Technologies and Sustainable Practices
Transforming Supply Chains: Hylman's Roadmap in Embracing AI, Blockchain, and Sustainable Practices to Revamp and Future-Proof Procurement for Tomorrow
Beyond Cost-Savings, Enabling a Strategic Asset: Hylman's Guide to Leveraging Business Process Outsourcing for Comprehensive Business Transformation
Transforming Talent Capital: Hylman's Future-Proof Tactics in Harnessing AI and Ethical Practices to Enable the Next Generation of Workforce Solutions
Hylman's Blueprint to Future-Proof Oil and Gas: Redefining Industry Standards and Mastering Market Volatility with Innovative Strategies and Sustainable Solutions
Tomorrow's Imperative to Survive, and Thrive: Hylman's Strategic Roadmap around Tech's Complex Maze to Accelerate AI's Adoption and Achieve Proficiency in Strategic Innovation, Operational Sustainability, and Impactful Growth
From Stability to Innovation, Embracing the Gold Rush of Tomorrow: Hylman's Ethically-Minded Masterplan in Shaping the Future of Gold Investing with Advanced Technologies and Sustainable Practices
Enabling Precision M&A: Hylman’s Redefined Strategies in Transforming Mergers and Acquisitions for Actualized Market Leadership
From Transformation to Acceleration, A 'Quantum' Leap: Hylman's Tactical Guide to Enable Mastered Digital Acceleration in a New Competitive Era of Business Innovation
Setting the Gold Standard in ESG Implementation: Hylman’s Innovative Practices for Achieving Sustainability and Corporate Growth
From Data to Dividends, Seizing the Skyrocketing Opportunity: Hylman's Proven Strategies in Harnessing the Power of Data to Pioneer Innovation, Excellence and Change Globally
From Soil to Sustainability, Seeding the Green Revolution: Hylman’s Future-Ready Strategies for Transforming Agriculture with Precision, Biotech, and Ecological Harmony
Connecting Things Beyond Boundaries: Hylman's Master Guide in Unlocking the Full Potential of IoT with Advanced Analytics, Robust Security Measures, and Future-Ready Strategies
Wealthy to Wealthier: Hylman's Pioneering Strategies in HNWI Services Enabling Expanse through a Fusion of Innovation, Sustainability, and Personalization
Enabling the Revolution of Transactions Beyond Borders: Hylman's Next-Gen Guide in Future-Proofing Payment Cards by Fostering Technological Advancements, Consumer-Centric Solutions, and Financial Inclusivity
Banking Beyond Boundaries: Hylman's Role in Sculpting a Revolutionary Landscape by Pioneering Advanced Digital Transformations, Rigorous Cybersecurity Protocols, and ESG Leadership
Powering Futuristic Strategies and Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Hylman's Secret Ingredient to Success by Leveraging the Power of Advanced Data Analytics for Ethical Decision-Making, Technological Excellence, and Sustainable Growth

Industries and lines of
Consulting services

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- Internationalisation
- Vertical and horizontal integration
- Go To Market
- Business modelling
- General business strategy
- Business planning
- Government relations


- Transformation of the finance function
- Capital markets and financial institutions
- Billing, collection and cash management
- Financial modelling
- Wealth and financial management
- Budgeting, profitability and cost management
- Restructuring

External growth and financing

- M&A
- Due diligence
- Post-Merger Integration
- Fundraising management
- Joint venture structuring and implementing


- RFP, RFQ, RFI management
- Procurement transformation
- Procurement subcontracting
- Government concessions and PPP

Support to SMEs

- Strategic support to SMEs
- Financial and corporate consultancy for SMEs
- Start-up development
- Business incubation, acceleration, and advisory for Startup/SME financing

IT and technology

- IT, digitization and transformation
- Big data and analytics
- ERP and automation

Sales and marketing

- Business development
- KPI management
- Services marketing
- Partner and executive relations management
- Sales and implementation
- Account management
- New product development
- Strategic PR management
- Market research and analysis


- Business Law
- Tax advisory, accounting and auditing


- Sustainability and social responsibility


- Industrial operations set-up
- Organizational and process improvement
- Quality assurance
- Compliance
- Certification preparation
- Operations management
- Feasibility studies
- Operational improvement
- Continuous improvement and lean
- Outsourcing
- Risk management

HR and people development

- HR and policy development
- Professional training

Project management

- Project management

Industry Focus

- Food and agriculture
- Private Equity, Venture Capital, family offices
- Banking and Financial services
- Chemicals
- Economics
- Automotive and Autos accessories
- Healthcare, medicine and drugs
- Industrials
- Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
- Clothing and fashion
- Oil, gas and mining
- Energy
- Ports
- Luxury
- Environment
- Sweets and confectionary
- Public sector
- Education
- Defense and aerospace
- FMCG/Retail
- Technology and digital
- Transportation
- AI and Intelligence
- Real estate
- Gold

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Hassan Al-Shama

CEO | Strategy, Real Estate, Commerce

Exposed to a wide array of sectors, Hassan consolidates his global experiences and packages that through innovation brought to the table believing in the vision of changing the way we do things. He believes that full potential is still locked away and clients are not getting the optimal value needed. With transformati...

Yaman Al-Shama

President | Trading, Gold, Autos

Yaman believes in reshaping larger organizations for which he is known to associate with. He has a trustworthy reputation for finding solutions when no one can and be at the frontline before the issue is even thought of. He believes in strengthening the core of services through teamwork and unity while connecting the...

Obaida Kitaz

Deputy President | Food and Beverage, Sales, FMCG

Dick van Schooneveld

COO | Telco, Utilities, High tech

Dick is a high-energy, enthusiastic, decisive, proactive, result oriented, structured senior professional with 30 years’ experience in the consulting and technology/telco sector. Entre/intrapreneurial professional having fulfilled many international leadership positions in the high tech, telecoms and utilities industr...

Gideon Goldmann

Advisor Emeritus | Investment Banking, Cybersecurity, IA and IT Audit

Gideon is an American of Ghanaian descent and has practiced globally in value creation and the provision of technical interventions for over 20 years in Management Consulting, Investment Banking...

Dato' Seri Dr. Nazily Noor

Managing Partner, Indo-Malaysia | Aviation, Healthcare, Renewable Tech

Dr. Nazily is a leader in transformative initiatives, deploying innovative business solutions for holistic and sustainable change. With over 30 years of working experience, his guidance through industry disruptions involves reinv...

Dr. Jean-Luc Bernard

Senior Partner, North Africa | Energy Environment & Climate Change, International Development, Multilateral Organizations

Jean-Luc is a seasoned expert specializing in project management, business administration, and leadership with...

Howard Ramsden

Managing Partner, South Africa | Renewable Energy, Data infrastructure, Project Management

Howard has more than thirty (30) years professional experience, mostly in electricity and energy sector development in Southern Africa. With extensive knowledge and experience in the African power sector, Howard has been responsible for renewable energy advisory services business development and project management in...

Fairuz Ismail

Senior Partner, ASEAN | TMT, Digital Acceleration & Risk, Cybersecurity

Fairuz Ismail is a seasoned expert in the telecommunications and consulting domains, boasting over two decades of hands-on experience. His expertise spans Cybersecurity, Enterprise Architect...

Jim Hampton

Senior Partner, Singapore | Cloud, Financial Services, Banking Solutions

Mohammed Al Eady

Managing Partner, Saudi Arabia | Strategic Public Affairs, Corporate Communication, SMEs & Startups

Mohammed is an accomplished, versatile, and forward-thinking leader with 34 years of experience driving strategic business growth, enhancing corporate communications, and leveraging financia...

Dr. Richard Li

Senior Partner, China | Operational Transformation, New Product Development, Digital and Payment Strategies

Dr. Richard Li is a seasoned professional with a robust 18-year background in strategic consulting across Grea...

Mohammed Lafta

Managing Partner, Iraq | Energy Distribution & Generation, Engineering Services, Infrastructure

Mohammed embodies creativity, initiative, innovation, hard work, and the necessary sacrifices to overcome the challenges presented by a unique, post-conflict environment. His leadership, pro...

Philip Gouws

Senior Partner, Africa | Retail, Product Development, Media

Joseph Volkan-Ozcan

Managing Partner, Türkiye | Quantum Computing, AI, SAP

With a strong background in Quantum Computing, Joseph developed innovative solutions for complex problems in the business world....

John Huang (黃健銘)

Senior Partner, China | Risk Management, Advanced Analytics, Banking

John Huang is a distinguished leader in the financial services and consulting industries, renowned for his innovative approach to credit risk management and advanced analytics. With a career...

Seong-Hwan Choi

Managing Partner, Korea | Logistics, IT Optimization, WMS/TMS

Lattee Williams

Senior Partner, Nigeria | Oil & Gas, Facilities, Power

Zafrulla Rasheed

Senior Partner, India | GBS, Business Transformation, Mobility

Zafrulla is a seasoned business leader with progressive & global mindset. He has over 20 years of experience with exposure into the international market in the professional services sector and h...

Argent Chuula

Managing Partner, Zambia | Agriculture, NGO, Research

Assel Rakhimova

Managing Partner, Kazakhstan | Energy EPC, National Funds, Mining

Diarmuid Barry

Managing Partner, Ireland | Outsourcing, Business Development, SaaS

Diarmuid is an energetic, proactive, solutions focused professional, with years of direct experience leading and developing businesses in Software, Services, and Outsourcing. Signif...

Steve Yi

Senior Partner, Korea | Marketing, CRM, Customer Service

Umang Sahai

Senior Partner, India | Healthcare, Public sector, Government relations

Alibaba Babayev

Managing Partner, Azerbaijan | International Relations, Government Affairs, Legal

Vinod Sasidharan

Partner, India | Automation, Digital Transformation, Tech Implementation

Mazhar Sheikh

Senior Partner, India | AI, Digital Technology, Web3.0

Yoshinori Aoyama

Partner, Japan | VC, Automotive, Pharma

Yoshinori has extensive experience in consulting global firms and wide variety of VC companies as a consultant as well as a venture capitalist in Japan. He has worked with not only...


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Expert Team

Dick van Schooneveld

COO | Telco, Utilities, High tech

Gideon Goldmann

Advisor Emeritus | Investment Banking, Cybersecurity, IA and IT Audit

Diarmuid Barry

Managing Partner, Ireland | Outsourcing, Business Development, SaaS

How can we help you?

Get in touch with us via Contact us form