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For a HNWI client into real estate – Finance planning, computable forecasting, and execution by datadriven and collectively approved decisions to execute the investment model.
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The client and context:

·      The client intends to invest and develop a portfolio of real estate investments in Turkiye.

·      The client has a history of real estate investments ranging from pre-developed, on-plan, off-plan, or ready to move properties, especially in the GCC.

·      The client intends to understand the market better, execute a series of investments, create relationships, and be at the forefront of change for investment development.

The challenges:

·      The client requires thorough insights, feasibility studies, implementation and investing in a very short span of time without prior phases of planning.

·      The risk for taking this on was not low contrary to what the client intended for their portfolio.

·      Datasets were not readily available and it was clear that a high level of footwork and working with third party experts were needed for proper development while keeping the work to its tight schedule.

What we Did:

·      Structuring the finances to initiate the investing process, banking procedures, travel and fieldwork for value impact assurance, investment control review, consultations with domestic economic specialists and potential stakeholders, discussions and negotiations with regional property developers prior to effecting the model, analysing economic surveys and reports from experts as to regional growth, local reviews of effective fiscal policies and their further changes, and forecasting with quantitative indicators to ensure added value for precise decision making based on the used statistical methodology appropriate to the customer.

·      Take part in a bilateral preparation of SPAs, due diligence, representations with other parties, and other forms of legal assistance in the commercial transactions.

What we achieved:

Data-driven and precise decision making to execute the investment model.

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