Infrastructure Asset Management – Turnaround through Web-based GIS Services

Infrastructure Company’s Asset Management Transformation with Web-based GIS Services: ICT-based Solution to Improve Internal Functions and Drive Optimization
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The client and context:

We were approached by a leading infrastructure company that manages a portfolio of assets including roads, bridges, buildings, and other facilities across multiple locations. The company was facing challenges in managing their assets as the processes were not integrated and there was no centralised system to manage the assets.

The challenges:

The company was struggling with numerous challenges, including duplication of work, inefficient asset management processes, lack of real-time data and information, high operating costs, and wastage of resources. As a result, the company was unable to optimise its assets and deliver effective outcomes.

We also faced several challenges while delivering the service, including lack of clarity on the client's requirements, complex asset management processes, and multiple stakeholders with different requirements. Additionally, we also had to ensure that the system was user-friendly and easily accessible to all stakeholders.

What we Did:

We analysed the client's existing asset management processes and identified the areas of improvement. The firm suggested implementing a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) service to manage the assets. The GIS system allowed the client to view and manage the assets in real-time, and it also provided valuable insights to optimise the assets.

We created a customised GIS system that integrated with the client's existing asset management processes, enabling seamless collaboration across different departments. The system was designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all stakeholders. We also provided training to the client's employees to ensure that they could use the system effectively.

What we achieved:

After implementing the GIS system, the client was able to streamline its asset management processes and achieve significant cost savings by eliminating duplication of work, reducing wastage of resources, and optimising the assets. The system provided real-time data and information that allowed the client to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of its operations. The system also enabled seamless collaboration across different departments, resulting in better coordination and outcomes.

In conclusion, we were able to deliver an effective ICT-based solution to the client's asset management challenges. The GIS system enabled the client to achieve its objectives of improved outputs, reduced costs and wastage, elimination of duplication, and optimisation of assets. Our expertise in delivering such solutions and their commitment to understanding the client's requirements were critical in achieving success.

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