FMCG - Business cases and planning

For a new venture of a local confectionary chain - Business cases and planning for the proper running of the new store
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The client and context:

The client is a carve-out of a local chain in confectionery and FMCG.
This client works mostly with fast moving goods and daily perishables in confectionery.
The client is new and unknown to the market and requires a full business case and operational support to run their business.

The challenges:

The CEO is inexperienced in running this business.
The client did not analyze their entry to the market properly and what may be their differentiation factors to utilize.
The client placed themselves in the vicinity of the parent companies where they’re unknown and buyers mostly go to the known branch.
In their short running time, the client relied heavily on analog and non-digital operations of the store.

What we Did:

We firstly manufactured a belated feasibility study and performed the 5-business case analysis to understand what works and what doesn’t.
We analyzed the success factors of the products manufactured and mainly targeted and sold by the client to the repeat buyers of the parent organization.
We evaluated the goods and their lifecycle compared to daily demand, seasonal festivities, orders, busy days of the week, and the optimal quantity on a 365-day value chain calendar.
We derived the freight and logistical plan of the store and how to best utilize the overall organizational routes to existing buyers of the parent company and the client. 
We laid out and executed the full plan for a complete digitization of process and transformation of operations.
We trained the CEO and point manager on how to run the business. 

What we achieved:

Full business, strategic, operational, managerial, financial, logistical, and marketing plan to follow.
Well trained management to lead this new venture. 
A fully digitalized operation of the business. 
Improved operations of the store.
Enhanced experience and hence demand for the products and sales.
Allocated budget to marketing through other means to attract new customers. 
Better customer satisfaction.

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