Interim CXO Management - turnaround, training and transformation

For a large retail company with multiple branches - turnaround, training and transformation
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The client and context:

The client started a new wholesale division in the last few years, and wants to transform and improve its entire division’s management, control and operations.
The client wants to start the renovation at this wholesale division before recommending going into restrategizing and restructuring the cash cow businesses from the parent company for company wide change, new value and improvement. 

The challenges:

The client’s main concerns were in HR and managing its teams, in-store organization, logistics and delivery, supplier relationships and efficiency, accounting and finance, certification, auditing and regulatory compliance.
Increased pressure from the parent company to “improve or cut out”.
Internal troubles in people management and relationship between C suites.
High level of employee turnover due to insufficient performance and other reasons.
Very bad hiring policy leading to unqualified or unfitting hires.

What we Did:

We staffed interim CXOs to oversee the entire division’s operations’ ins and outs and all other managerial responsibilities for a few months, and oversaw everyone’s modus operandi.
We created registries for risk, subpar company’s routine habits, and people’s performances and kept a live shared log with management.  
We identified, registered, reported, and assessed issues and operational problems in-stores and inside manufacturing facilities.
We communicated with suppliers and customers, sought continuous feedback, and explored areas for improvement.
We evaluated current digital tools used and supported the implementation of ERP, CRM, and other systems.
We investigated current suppliers and compared them to others in the market through standard procurement pathways to ensure value for money.
We reviewed marketing activities, third party services suppliers, and cash outflows towards customer acquisition and retention, and analyzed spend per customer and average conversions.
We oversaw the accounting department’s activities, and continued to audit accounts.
We reviewed the obstacles that are preventing the client from achieving international standards certifications. 
We organized and ran weekly workshops for all management and staff members to bring them together.
We trained management on how to better run their business. 

What we achieved:

The management came out well versed with what they need to do after transferring management back to them.
Outstanding productivity gains in a relatively short period of time.
Improved sales, margins and ROI for the shareholders by first year end with expectations to exponentially grow in the next few years. 
A well equipped cohort of experts in their respective fields.
Clear weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual KPIs for every section of the division.
Established monthly company meetings to raise issues, discuss concerns, and explore the future.
Clear roadmap towards certifications.
Dissociation from subpar performing/costly suppliers and established a new link with better quality, lower cost suppliers.
Healthier value chain.

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