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Yaman Al-Shama

President | Trading, Gold, Autos.

President | Trading, Gold, Autos
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Yaman believes in reshaping larger organizations for which he is known to associate with. He has a trustworthy reputation for finding solutions when no one can and be at the frontline before the issue is even thought of. He believes in strengthening the core of services through teamwork and unity while connecting the dots for what might be the only way forward in this day and age.

Trading, Gold, Autos,

Yaman is the Cofounder and President of Hylman since 2019. In his current role, along with Hassan, he oversees all strategies and operations on a global scale ensuring a holistic approach and impact for our clients, defining a clear mission, reshaping visions, and unleashing hidden talents.

While Hassan is more focused on growth and achievements, Yaman is more focused on establishing new solutions and strengthening our intelligence and analytical core that powers Hylman’s intellectual firepower and unique assets that bring maximized value to the clients.

Before founding Hylman, Yaman successfully delivered projects for Airbus in Defense and Aerospace, Grant Thornton in AI and RPA, ran a large portfolio along with Hassan in Real Estate, and established a unqiue reputation in retail and gold trading.

His core strength stems from his will to keep advancing without stopping.

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University de Paris 1: Pantheon Sorbonne, Ecole de Droit de la Sorbonne

LLM in Business Law

ESCP Business School

MBA, International Management

ESCP Business School

Grade de Master en Management

Canadian University of Dubai

BBA, Accounting and Finance

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Senior Partner, Africa | Retail, Product Development, Media

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Senior Partner, Hong Kong | ESG & Impact Investing, FinTech, Marketing

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Managing Partner, Zambia | Agriculture, NGO, Research

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