Food MNC - Business reorganization

For a UK-based vertically integrated food multinational – Designing and delivering a full business reorganization to enable value creation before the sale of the business
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The client and context:

·      The client is a vertically integrated food business, with activities from agriculture to processed food and produce distribution and food logistics.

·      The business had grown internationally with acquisitions and JV.

·      The business is organised per geography, across the activities undertaken by the group.

·      The shareholders were planning to sell within the next 2 to 3 years.

The challenges:

·      The business had to be reorganised in order to evolve from a “group of company” ways of working to an “integrated group” ways of working.

·      The structure was not scalable and not allowing for additional growth.

·      Entities were competing between themselves, destroying value for the group.

·      Multiple tasks were duplicated at group level, resulting in an insufficient performance.

What we Did:

·      We held a number of strategic workshops with the senior leadership team as well as the subsidiaries’ MDs.

·      Identification of the group’s key processes and mapping of such processes.

·      Reorganisation of the group around 5 pillars, grouped by type of activities conducted rather than geographies with the creation of a global governance and support functions for each division

·      Streamlining of group functions and processes.

·      Improvement of the use of critical group resources by centralising group technical teams.

·      Restructured some of the group entities to separate IP bearing entities from operational entities in North-America, as we identified this as a prerequisite for the sale of the business.

What we achieved:

After 2 years, the EBITDA margin has increased by 2 percentage points, resulting in a € 100m value creation for the shareholders.

Staff engagement surveys have showed increased staff engagement

The group has continued its international expansion with a more adapted and scalable structure

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