For a food processing company – Recruitment of a full technical team, from the technical director to the quality assurance operatives
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The client and context:

·      The client is a large food company having a significant food processing division.

·      We were in charge of structuring and delivering end to end a new joint venture with another company in the industry, including the building up from scratch of the technical team, handled by our recruitment team.

The challenges:

·      The technical team was to be built from scratch. When we joined the project, there was nothing in place to support a technical function in that new business and we had to identify and attract every talent.

·      Beyond the recruitment activities, we performed some additional tasks such as developing a training programme for the newcomers.

What we Did:

·      We created a structure for the team which has been built with the client, on the back of similar organisations they had across the group.

·      We recruited the technical director based on a direct active search: we identified the successful candidate as the managing director of a small plant owned by a competitor of our client and with a very strong technical background.

·      We recruited the rest of the team based on a variety of technique from direct active approach to job boards and linkedin.

·      We developed a training programme by which we have sent the key staff from the team to train within the existing group plant, including overseas, for 3 months.

What we achieved:

The roll-out of the technical team was a success. The quality standard of the new business was equivalent to the one in the more mature business of the group, largely because of the high quality of individuals provided.

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