Using the right tools for a HNWI for investing in fixed assets – Full fledged real estate investment strategy with finance planning, computable forecasting, and structural implementation for maximizing ROI by using data-driven digital tools for precise decision making
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The client and context:

·      The client is a HNWI intending to acquire a portfolio of valuable properties.

·      The client wants to improve ROI beyond normal rates out there.

·      The timing was COVID with a high degree of saving in the market and hence lower demand.

·      Distress sales were on the rise.

The challenges:

·      A very large number of available options and structure of portfolio with varying risk-return rates.

·      Risk was key given the economic conditions and COVID-related pushbacks.

·      Difficulty in travel with the curfew and distancing regulations, causing less ‘openness’ to transparency.

·      Government trying to interfere and regulate trade with the purpose of avoiding a recession.

·      Using a data-driven and transformational process to the decision making process in abnormal times.

What we Did:

·      Understanding needs and identifying risk levels under different operational scenarios, strategising and creating the funnel for optimal efficiency and tracking that using insights models, analysing historical formations of investments and long-term assets, modeling different return ratios under different classifications of investments, studying the environments in question and comprehending what can be expected, exploring opportunities and filtering, preparation of risk-return portfolio booklet for every potential finance operation, fieldwork and delegation for administrative investigation and gathering qualitative insights for all real estate development activities, assembly of raw datasets and analysis using integrated toolsfor driving the adequate economic model and setting the structure for next step diligence, investment and evaluation.

·      Structuring the finances to initiate the investing process, banking procedures, travel and fieldwork for value impact assurance, investment control review, consultations with domestic economic specialists and potential stakeholders, discussions and negotiations with regional property developers prior to effecting the model, analysing economic surveys and reports from experts as to regional growth, local reviews of effective fiscal policies and their further changes, and forecasting with quantitative indicators using the data-driven tool to ensure added value for precise decision making based on the used statistical methodology appropriate to the client.

·      Focused on COVID and economic evaluations, consolidating and adjusting financial models based on recent changes, considering indications and degrees of success and potential failures, carrying out coordination and mediation between the customer and other parties, adapting the investment strategy, projecting the formation of the next portfolio with higher confidence, adjusting prior analyses with real adequate numbers based on public administrations economic announcements and speculations on COVID, producing directives for investor wellbeing, and simulated economic defence models against the coronavirus and its variable impacts.

·      Drive the automated digital transformation driven investment model relying on computable forecasting.

What we achieved:

·      Accurate information on preferred investment portfolio driven by thorough insights and the use of digital tools.

·      Data-driven and precise decision making to execute the investment model.

Evaluation and implementing an automated model to ensure better decisions carried forward.

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