Going ‘green investment’ for a client - Strategy and case development for investing in a highly efficient green energy source with improved utility by an innovative plan that supports a digitally advanced model
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The client and context:

·      The client is looking to construct and operate a highly efficient solar energy grid from scratch with a high level of electricity supply.

·      The grid must abide be environment friendly and be compliant with international standards and best industry practices.

·      The project needs to be turned from a concept to reality in a relatively short period of time.

The challenges:

·      The project was just a concept and there is a set deadline for completing the planning for implementation.

·      The area for constructing the grid was not yet and identified and required us to make a judgement on where that should be.

·      The operation of the grid must, at the same time, be digitally transformed from past norms.

What we Did:

·      Studying the feasibility of the entire project, according to different lands identified, containing the types of management, operations, missions, personnel, support, workstreams and policies expected to be undertaken to accurately validate the viability of the project in line with the expected financial returns from prior risk-benefit evaluation, taking into consideration the country’s energy policies by reviewing mechanical models and options with established renewable energy partners for better modulating the business case development in the clean renewable solar energy.

·      After identification of land, reviewed options of different materials and processes focused on latest technologies and applications that are involved in building and operating a new and independent solar grid supported by energy experts and engineering specialists for the inflow and outflow as planned for the power reception, storage, and transmission in order to properly maintain the grid or energy house for the next 10-20 years, along with options for 3-line support teams under the required cycles size and magnitude for lean and safe management.

·      Understanding the needs and identifying risk levels under different practical scenarios, strategising and creating the roadmap for optimal efficiency and simulating energy storage operations, analysing historical formations and trends of financing such long-term project and assets respective of recently acceptable environmental practices, modeling different return ratios under different scenarios and classifications of investments for diverse types/sizes of the grid, studying the environments in question and what can be expected in terms of natural disasters and business continuity management, exploring geographic opportunities of different lands for construction and operation from the identified options in the portfolio considering the engineer team support and advice, preparation of an extensive risk-return booklet under every potential climate/natural scenario and changes throughout the year for the next 10- 20 years, fieldwork and delegation for administrative investigation and gathering of insights regarding energy policies and changes to expect that can directly or indirectly impact operations and management, assembly of datasets and analytics for the registration of empirical data using AI and automation integrated tools for comprehending the accurate and adequate economic model and environmental settings that shall be integrated into the transformational model.

What we achieved:

·      A full case development and roadmap with operations that are digitally advanced using latest technologies.

·      Cost saving through automation whilst balancing the need of experts on other functions.

·      Long term objectives, plan and strategy defined.

·      Expected ROI improved due to a higher degree of digitization.

·      Lay the foundation for a well-planned grid.

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