For a private healthcare client – Full fledged operational and managerial re-integration by end-to-end process transformation, planning, tech implementation, corporate development and strategy
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The client and context:

·      The client operates in private healthcare, and requires support in operating the business.

·      The client is facing low turnover due to low demand, and low awareness, of their services.

·      Intention to turnaround the business and keep it up to date with the latest methods.

·      Management and people problems impacting daily routine and hierarchy of decision making.

The challenges:

·      The client runs business operations, marketing, reception, accounting and booking in an outdated manner that makes it more difficult to identify, collect, transform and improve.

·      Internal people problems causing difficulty in interaction, data collection and support.

·      Financial troubles making options for transformation very limited.

·      Allocation of limited budget to necessary spends affecting the process for value-added delivery.

What we Did:

·      Integrated a full management program for the reception, consultation, diagnosis, service, pricing, and delivery of care for patients, digitized operations and integrated a CRM system to keep track and control of all company specific data.

·      Audited and reviewed performance against KPIs such as operations of staff and manhours, reception activity and wait time of patients, utility per function, employee turnover, and hiring of new staff members going through training to understand center[1]specific norms.

·      Reflected internal operations according to historical flows of business and clients regressed over time to anticipate future performance.

·      Developed the strategic, management, economic, financial, and commercial business case models.

·      Market and environment analysis with reference to encountered economic changes: policy changes, lower quantitative easing, reforms on sector practices, tax incentives, inflation and CPI that are affecting the behaviour of clients (patients).

·      Market analysis of customer behaviour through private-dedicated care (differentiated) than public lower cost/free care (economic). This involved developing a long-term action plan for the management to ensure the needs of all stakeholders and parties are properly addressed and reflecting current conditions.

What we achieved:

·      Long term objectives and strategy defined,

·      improvement to management and staff duties,

·      work’s know-how strengthened,

·      effective training models for staff,

·      efficient new infrastructure,

·      enhanced customer experience,

·      clear plan and roadmap to follow,

·      positive business turnaround in short time,

·      stakeholder needs addressed, and

·      overarching policies for daily operations.

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