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For a private equity fund – Identification of the opportunities to internationalise a potential acquisition target in luxury retail in the context of a commercial due diligence
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The client and context:

·      The client is a mid market private equity fund. They were looking at acquiring a French luxury brand specialising in high end shoes.

The challenges:

·      The client had commissioned us to perform a commercial due diligence of their acquisition.

·      Part of the commercial due diligence was to identify opportunities to expand the business into the UK post acquisition.

What we Did:

·      We acquired market data related to the UK from marketing companies and a professional association.

·      We conducted a few expert calls as well as a comp-shopping exercise in the UK.

·      We performed a standard market analysis of the UK market, and compared it to the French market analysis to perform a market maturity assessment and an evaluation of the potential market to be reached.

·      We drew strategic recommendations with regards to the scale and channels to follow for the target’s internationalisation.

What we achieved:

The commercial due diligence has been conclusive and the acquisition took place. The company opened 4 outlets in the UK and developed an online presence. It is estimated that the client can reach an exit multiple of x2.5 to x3, partly thanks to the internationalisation strategy.

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Dr. Jean-Luc Bernard

Senior Partner, North Africa | Energy Environment & Climate Change, International Development, Multilateral Organizations

Hector Macias

Partner, Mexico

Joseph Volkan-Ozcan

Managing Partner, Türkiye | Quantum Computing, AI, SAP

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