Restaurant, F&B - Managerial and Operational improvement

Strategic and operational transformation of a well-known restaurant - Strategic, operational, managerial and process improvement through a complete turnaround.
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The client and context:

The client is in the business of restaurant, food and beverage.
The client has been operational for more than 30 years and has a well known brand.
The client's customers are typically repeat buyers with a taste for the quality traditional food.
The client is facing problems with its management, daily operations, and low-cost competition.

The challenges:

Rising level of new entrants in the area with a low-cost/economic direction.
Tendencies of customers to spend less while cost of goods rises.
Moral obligation to meet the needs and demand of long time repeat buyers, commercially and quality wise.
Low level in micromanagement and oversight.
High level of staff turnover in the restaurant due to many reasons, in particular load, stress and trust problems.

What we Did:

We analyzed the differentiation factors of the restaurant, what has been the cash cow products, and ranking products in terms of customer preferences.
We temporarily managed the restaurant to understand the ins and outs behind the managerial habits, staff behavior, and rendering of services.
We investigated the services delivered in terms of timeliness, quality, and customer experience.
We interviewed and surveyed repeat and new customers to understand selling points, strengths and weaknesses.
We investigated the operations of the staff in the backside, most notably the kitchen, storage, and food processing rooms.
We analyzed the area in terms of seat arrangements, take-home customers, home delivery systems, average wait time and average seating time per table.
We explored times of high traffic and demand (weekends, holidays, festivities, sports, seasons).
We analyzed the company's marketing habits and how they attract new customers, compared to competitors.
We analyzed the full product cycle and value chain, from supplier all the way to the customer. 
We analyzed the company's finances to understand where the main problems are against optimizing returns.
We explored areas for improvement. 

What we achieved:

A complete turnaround in terms of strategy, operations, management, and marketing.
Changed the approach to become more customer-centric.
Increased attraction of new customers, improved customer satisfaction, and higher retention.
Positioned the company in higher differentiation and authenticity over competitors.
Optimized management and staff, cost saving, improved sales, and higher returns.
Lower bargaining power of suppliers and customers with a stronger position.
Magnified uniqueness and authenticity.
Lower turnover of employees, improved morale, and better oversight and control.

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