Operations Management – Performance Management for Infrastructure Asset Optimization

Infrastructure Management Company: Optimizing Asset Performance and Special Focus Area Management
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The client and context:

We were engaged by a regional infrastructure management company to improve its performance management for managing asset affairs. The infrastructure company managed a wide range of assets including roads, bridges, and tunnels, as well as a network of facilities across several regions. The company was facing several challenges in optimizing performance across all assets, facilities, and networks, as well as supporting and managing the processes related to special focus areas such as special events, incident and emergency activities, rainy season preparations, crisis management, asset utilization, and charging mechanisms.

The challenges:

Prior to engagement, the infrastructure management company faced several challenges, including a lack of a comprehensive performance management system, inadequate data analytics capabilities, and inefficient processes for managing special focus areas. The company also faced challenges in managing the utilization of its assets effectively and charging mechanisms for its services.

We also faced several challenges in delivering the service, including a lack of data transparency and standardization across different regions, which made it difficult to identify areas of improvement. Additionally, there was resistance from some staff members who were accustomed to old processes and were skeptical about the potential benefits of a performance management system.

What we Did:

To help the infrastructure management company, we first conducted a comprehensive assessment of the existing processes, data analytics capabilities, and special focus area management practices. Based on this assessment, we developed a customized performance management system that integrated all the different aspects of the infrastructure management company's operations. The system included a dashboard for real-time monitoring of key performance indicators, data analytics tools for predictive maintenance and cost optimization, and a comprehensive framework for managing special focus areas.

To ensure a smooth transition, we also provided extensive training and support to the infrastructure management company's staff, including hands-on coaching and workshops. We worked closely with the company's management team to ensure buy-in and alignment throughout the organization.

What we achieved:

As a result of our work, the infrastructure management company was able to optimize the performance of its assets, facilities, and networks, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings. The performance management system provided real-time visibility into key metrics, enabling the company to identify and address issues quickly. The comprehensive framework for managing special focus areas also helped the company to be better prepared for incidents, emergencies, and special events, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reputation.

Overall, our work helped the infrastructure management company to achieve a more efficient and effective operation, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

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