Regional Conglomerate BUs – Optimizing Accounting Activities

Streamlining Financial Management Plan and Standardizing Accounting Practices: Conglomerate’s Multiple Business Units
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The client and context:

We were engaged by a regional conglomerate that operates in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and finance. The client had multiple business units across different geographies, each with its own accounting activities and financial reporting processes. The client was facing challenges in streamlining their financial management plan across all business units and standardizing the accounting practices to improve accuracy and efficiency. The client wanted to optimize their financial management plan to achieve better visibility, control, and compliance.

The challenges:

Prior to engagement, the client faced several challenges in their accounting activities, such as:


- Lack of standardization in accounting practices across business units

- Inaccurate and inconsistent financial reporting

- Difficulty in consolidating financial data from different systems and geographies

- Limited visibility into financial performance and cash flow

- Inadequate controls and compliance measures

- Resource constraints and skill gaps in the accounting team


We also faced challenges in delivering the service, such as:


- Limited understanding of the client's business operations and accounting processes

- Difficulties in coordinating with different business units and stakeholders across geographies

- Resistance to change and adoption of new accounting practices

- Resource constraints and tight timelines for project delivery

What we Did:

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client's financial management plan, accounting processes, and systems across all business units. We identified areas of improvement and developed a roadmap to optimize the financial management plan and standardize accounting practices. We collaborated with the client's accounting team and other stakeholders to ensure buy-in and alignment on the proposed changes.


The key initiatives that we delivered were:


- Standardization of accounting practices and policies across all business units

- Implementation of a common financial reporting system and consolidation process

- Establishment of financial controls and compliance measures

- Development of a training and development program for the accounting team

- Integration of technology solutions for automated financial reporting and data analytics


We provided ongoing support to the client during the implementation phase, including change management and communication to stakeholders. We also provided regular progress updates to the client's senior leadership team and ensured alignment with the overall corporate strategy.

What we achieved:

We successfully delivered the improvement initiatives to all accounting activities for each business unit of the client in accordance with the optimized Financial Management Plan. The key achievements were:


- Standardization of accounting practices and policies across all business units

- Improved accuracy and consistency in financial reporting

- Enhanced visibility into financial performance and cash flow

- Strengthened financial controls and compliance measures

- Improved efficiency and productivity in the accounting team

- Increased adoption of technology solutions for financial reporting and analytics


Our efforts led to a significant improvement in the client's financial management plan and accounting practices, which resulted in better decision-making and business performance. The client reported increased satisfaction and confidence in their financial reporting and controls, and we were recognized for our expertise and partnership approach in delivering value to the client.

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