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Howard Ramsden

Managing Partner, South Africa | Renewable Energy, Data infrastructure, Project Management.

Managing Partner, South Africa | Renewable Energy, Data infrastructure, Project Management
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Howard has more than thirty (30) years professional experience, mostly in electricity and energy sector development in Southern Africa. With extensive knowledge and experience in the African power sector, Howard has been responsible for renewable energy advisory services business development and project management in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as Data Centre construction in Africa. In a nutshell, Howard is an extensively experienced professional as a Certified Energy Efficiency Specialist, Energy & Solar PV Expert, QA/QC, and Tier III Data Centre evaluations/construction.

Renewable Energy, Data infrastructure, Project Management,

With over 30 years of professional experience not only in Africa but on an international scale, Howard is Hylman’s Managing Partner of South Africa.

Before joining Hylman, Howard was involved in leading and delivering highly complex projects across Africa. Some of Howard’s key experiences include:

· Data Centres: Commissioning, verification Tier III and QC/QA Manager, Lenders Engineer

· Energy sector development: Electricity market scenario development, business imperative analysis, deregulation and re-regulation in competitive markets, inclusion of RES on the connected grid and off grid solutions, diversification of fuel sources and environmental impact evaluation

· Power generation project development: market formation in RSA, evaluation and growth in the EU, project development and due diligence

· Renewable energy development: Drafting of the REIPP in RSA, preparation of wind and solar submission for the PPA, service delivery models, business development,

· Project Management/Director: Experience in the development of RE/ infrastructure projects and the PM for construction of 5000 m2 office blocks and shopping centre for the electrical sub-contractor

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University of Stellenbosch

Senior Management Certificate

Westinghouse Nuclear Engineering,

University of Cape Town, South Africa

University of Cape Town, South Africa

B.Sc. (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

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