Aerospace and Defense - Business cases, tech introduction, industry changes

Translating future change for an Aerospace and Defense company - Comprehensive analysis, commercial strategy and future planning
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The client and context:

The client is in the sector of aerospace and defense, and is identifying an issue with the strategic costing of their products.
The client wants to understand the commercial outlook of their products compared to competition.

The challenges:

Economics and inflation have a direct impact on the production, supply and sale of products.
Continuous increase in cost of service from suppliers and cost of raw material for the products' manufacturing and maintenance.
Direct sale is a problem especially to budget deficit/economic buyers.
Logistics and delivery is an overarching problem with long term delivery cycles. 
Latest technology application is behind in defense and aerospace products.

What we Did:

We analyzed the company’s commercial strategy of their aerospace and defense products.

We performed primary and secondary research in terms of historical pricing and ran quantitative analysis to identify the deviations, the extent and where that is found in the market as a whole.

We investigated the economics of the value chain, sale and delivery cycle behind a specific product, fighter jets, and compared that with competitor products.

We analyzed where increasing demand for defense and aerospace products are coming, buyers, and the purchasing power in relation to increased prices.

We analyzed the level and capacity of production, process, and time it takes to complete 1 product and the costs around that. 

We explored the impact of environmental changes, mainly socio-political, on the pricing of defense products and the correlation with demand.

We investigated the bottlenecks in production, operations and sales and the increased costs associated.

We explored the introduction of the latest tech to the products and services, and the commercial viability it may bring in both the short and long term.

We projected the change in behavior and budgets of governments, being the main buyer to such products, in relation to environmental changes and increased pricing.

What we achieved:

Revamp the business, economic, and commercial strategy and the transformation in operations considering technology and economics of the products and market.

Direct and indirect improvement in analytics capabilities, process, client understanding, and sales.

Utilization of latest technologies to be applied.

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