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For a HNWI client into real estate – Evaluation and improvement of investing activity by automating a model to ensure increasingly efficient decisions
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The client and context:

·      The client intends to invest and develop a portfolio of real estate investments in Turkiye.

·      The client has a history of real estate investments ranging from pre-developed, on-plan, off-plan, or ready to move properties, especially in the GCC.

·      The client intends to understand the market better, execute a series of investments, create relationships, and be at the forefront of change for investment development.

The challenges:

·      The client requires thorough insights, feasibility studies, implementation and investing in a very short span of time without prior phases of planning.

·      The risk for taking this on was not low contrary to what the client intended for their portfolio.

·      Datasets were not readily available and it was clear that a high level of footwork and working with third party experts were needed for proper development while keeping the work to its tight schedule.

What we Did:

·      Reviewing and exploring improvement from earlier activity’s cost-benefit and quantitative analyses for a more precise, long[1]term, enduring, defensive, and risk-averse model for the customer’s long term benefit.

·      Focused on COVID and economic evaluations, consolidating and adjusting financial models based on recent changes, considering indications and degrees of success and potential failures, carrying out coordination and mediation between the customer and other parties, adapting the investment strategy, projecting the formation of the next portfolio with higher confidence, adjusting prior analyses with real adequate numbers based on public administrations economic announcements and speculations on COVID, producing directives for investor wellbeing, and simulated economic defence models against the coronavirus and its variable impacts.

·      Drive the automated model.

What we achieved:

Evaluation and implementing an automated model to ensure better decisions carried forward.

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