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For a world leader in ground transportation – Project management for a multi-hundred million urban transport project
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The client and context:

·      Bolivia: President Morales wanted a public transport, that fits in La Paz in order to reduce the transportation by 20 to 40%..

·      First project for Doppelmayr Cable way Group in Bolivia as for the President Morales with cable way transport solution.

·      Altitude from 3.680 meters to 4.052 meters, lack of oxygen.

·      National project: 208 $M. Biggest in the world at this time.

·      Contract signed by a referent agent.

The challenges:

·      Time line, 18 month. penalties could increase up to $ 42 M for 3 month delay.

·      Warranties $ 42 with the right of cancelation of the project.

·      Lack of oxygen, relocation of people, circulation, electric cables everywhere.

·      Mix local and international people on site.

·      Counter part: Project manager without any knowledge of this kind of project.

What we Did:

·      We created a solid team C.E.O from Spain, C.E.O from Andorra,

·      Studies: international specialists (Economical, technical, environmental) including, demand, offer, social impact, integration to the existing systems.

·      Operation: International and local team, geotechnical, design, ropeway and architecture, civil work, assembly, monthly reporting in finance.

·      Logistic: we acquire full clearance from the customs.

·      Full autonomy locally form the board in Austria (more flexibility) with a project controlling quarterly report to the board in Austria with evaluation and perspective and emergencies to control immediately.

What we achieved:

·      Success: World´s biggest cable way worldwide.

·      10 KM line, 30 K m2 construction, 10 Buildings in 2.5 years, no penalties.

·      Safety: 2.380.000 hours worked with just light accident.

·      Customer satisfied: Ordering of FASE 2 THE DOUBLE OF THE SIZE of the first project $ 415 M 20 km of line, 50.000 m2 construction.

·      TOTAL CONTRACT: 625 $ M.

·      30 line km, 80.000 m2 construction.

·      2 contracts, 7 years, 1.500 employees.

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