Analyzing a target company for M&A - Internal policies, strategy, tech, diligences, and transformation analysis to ringfence operations and make sound judgement on when to invest
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The client and context:

·      The client intends to invest in a startup company that runs domestic B2C logistics.

·      Assurances that the company is of good standing, respective of norms and standards imposed by local regulations, and that their people policies are airtight given the new and changing government policies.

·      After going through basic procedures, the main goal is to transform the process for better operations and higher employee and user satisfaction.

The challenges:

·      There were internal people problems with a relatively high churn rate.

·      The startup CEO was not very transparent.

·      Budget allocation and spend were not knowledgeable.

·      The technology implemented and used was poor.

·      Ringfence operations with a highly divided management.

What we Did:

·      We evaluated internal people policies in light of what was observable from employees’ behaviour, new hires, and churn rates, benchmarked with several KPIs of good industry standards on managerial position persons and their benefits on one hand, and the operational employees in the field on the other hand to compare how effective are the equal access to benefits that were laid out in their people policies, and the potentially resulting people problems that may arise forwardly and cause litigation issues or employer-union troubles.

·      Investigated the good standing of the company and its executives by conducting background search and meeting with them on several occasions according to different agendas.

·      The outcomes of the investigation advised for a certain degree of change firstly in managerial habits dictated by the majority shareholder/CEO themselves, in terms of pooling monetary benefits and dividends, and the inefficiency of the payroll services that affected the wellbeing of most operational employees due to delayed wages and payments, rather less for higher position personnel that were involved in higher levels of compensation, and the necessity to hire an advisory team within the HR department who can steer their daily activities, direct the CEO’s people plans, and organize the realistic occupational expectations within the company in hiring new personnel to ensure meaningful and operable bilateral obligations from both the company’s management, and the performance of duties of both the old and new recruits in the field.

·      Analyzed the overall business and logistics strategy, B2B relationships and freight operations.

·      Reviewed the tech used and what needs to be done for improvement.

·      Created the transformation plan to be executed, along with the investment plan and timetable to ensure maximized ROI.

What we achieved:

·      Improved the startup internally, financially and operationally.

·      Implemented uptodate people policies that are followed by all.

·      Got the people closer to one another with better communication.

·      Implemented the transformational plan and change in tech.

·      Digitized internal task management tools and coordination among teams.

·      Improved geolocation accuracy with the new tech involved.

·      Improved employee and user satisfaction rates.

·      Increased oversight on the executives activity and reduced budget imbalances.

·      Maximized valuation and improved the client’s ROI.

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