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Managing wealth and investing in Gold – Analysing, forecasting and diversifying investments
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The client and context:

·      A group of investors who intend to diversify their investments and include gold.

·      Socio economic changes in the world drove investors to look more towards diversification and risk aversion.

Identified gold as a ‘safe haven’ against the havocs of inflation, interest rates, and currency devaluation that contribute directly to the levels of wealth.

The challenges:

·      Value is directly driven by global panic and conflicts that are constantly on the rise since COVID.

·      Some analysts speculate hypervaluation and the bubble of a severe financial crisis.

·      Decisions for investment are being questioned by the short term fluctuations driven by high frequency traders and short selling.

·      Oil price and the impact it is having on the market value of gold.

·      Choosing the right time to invest.

What we Did:

·      Analysis of global news, gold trends and reviewing the magnitude of impacts of every decision made by large ‘players’ on the value directly.

·      Execution of trial runs with low volumes in different stages to examine the most effective time and opportunity to hold a large volume for the long term.

·      Forecasting the next step in world politics, trade relationships, and investor behavior.

·      Identifying the right time to move against short term fluctuations or instability.

·      Funnelled a chunk of the investments into ready made physical gold, and others into wearable jewellery.

·      Established good relationships with physical gold retailers.

What we achieved:

Controlling wealth by diversifying investments and funneling capital into gold.

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