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Global Chief Commercial Officer (Global CCO)


We’re looking for a highly reputable, influential, experienced, and well-known professional with substantial expertise in leading companies, large teams of executives, management consulting, advisory and counsel to be the Hylman Group's Consulting - Global Chief Commercial Officer.

What you will do

The Global Chief Commercial Officer (Global CCO) at Hylman, aside from the basic duties associated to the role according to industry norms, will create robust commercial strategies and metrics to ensure the business stays on track with its objectives and exceeds targets through proper commercial developmentUnder the directorship of the CEO, they will work closely with the Global COO and other CXOs across all new and existing pipelines and oversee/collaborate with all the Partners and offices worldwide to ensure they are meeting their goals and targets.

You’re a great fit if you have

·       Ability to oversee and collaborate with the leadership of all the offices worldwide in all kinds of activities, from sales to delivery

·       Substantial network in the private and/or public sector

·       Ability to find, acquire and retain client leads of all sizes

·       Ability to meet aggressive KPIs with a strong suit to land deals frequently, swiftly and recurrently

·       Ability to source and win contracts from the private and public sector through robust commercial strategies

·       Have a strong short and long term vision to the growth and sustainability of the HQ and its offices around the world

·       Have a special methodology of approach that provides a competitive edge and optimal customer satisfaction

·       Ability to commercially strategize and deliver upon that strategy with contingencies in place

·       Hunter spirit and motivated to successfully land the deals with no thought of giving up 

·       Excellent interpersonal, social and communication skills

·       Compliance with the international standards, policies, best practices, and diligences of the HylmanGroup effectively

·       Ability to work with the deployed teams, other Partners and the overall Group

·       Able to develop symbiotic partnerships with key stakeholders aimed at accelerating the company’s growth

*Highly results oriented. Full autonomy and flexibility to maximize creativity with a sweet entrepreneurial drive.

Consulting Hylman values

We commit to maintain a strong, growing and inclusive culture built for our internationally diverse team and the communities we work with. We are driven by our core principles to change the way we do things and maximize value impact with a highest calibre network of leaders and fix the limitations of the industry today. We recognize that our mission is bigger than us, and therefore act with integrity at all times. As a team, we believe that transparency builds trust so we maintain full disclosure in our communications. Each individual contributes to the brand of Hylman and is highly valued in the extensively unique and quality value chain retained. Everyone is expected to execute with excellence, creating an environment of integration. We win as a team and respect everyone’s culture to empower ourselves to learn from each other, innovate, and grow. Our job descriptions change by the day and we are more known as ENABLERS of change, development and growth. We only expect that of all our people.

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