A classifieds marketplace for the better – Changing the structure from old technologies to latest advancements by conducting a fully fledged digital improvement
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The client and context:

·      Classifieds marketplace operator on an international scale.

·      They used old technologies that were not uptodate with current updates across all devices and technologies.

·      A concern for less user retention and going out of the market.

·      Certain aspects were analog and required a centralized, and secure, control.

The challenges:

·      The operations were scaled internationally and it was impossible not to face downtimes.

·      The negative impact this will have on customers on the short term, and during, the execution of any transformation.

·      Large data sets that need cleaning and reorganizing to fit the new structures.

·      User privacy and security was a high concern that must be resolved urgently.

What we Did:

·      We reviewed the current structure to find all areas of control and operations across the value chain, from vendor to buyer.

·      Surveyed the B2B and B2C effectiveness of the current technology and identified new needs from the feedbacks received.

·      Created an action plan on what needs to be done to address all issues and concerns rapidly.

·      Involved branding teams to study and renovate the look and feel that fits a new and updated technology.

·      Consolidated data sets and set automated features that will ease the development team’s oversight on repetitive tasks.

·      Inserted third party technology development experts that will clean, organize and update certain parameters and at the same time train the current team on how to use the latest technology.

·      Inserted new payment gateways and improved older ones to fit current customer demand and ease of use.

·      Digitized all processes possible and assigned delegated levels of access and control over the system.

·      Improved data and technical security.

·      Improved user privacy and payment security.

·      Introduced new intelligent features and functionalities.

What we achieved:

·      Substantial improvement to operations and marketing.Coped with international markets and competition.

·      Cost saving with automation.

·      Improved user experience.

·      Improved security.

·      Cleaned and organized data sets and algorithms.

·      Introduced new intelligent features.

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